Rug Hooking Step by Step

Rug Hooking Instructions

Step-by-step directions for making your own heirloom to enjoy for generations to come. Now that the preparation is done… Start Hooking (see Figures to right)

STEP 1: With the rug jute on your lap, place your left hand (or if you are left-handed, place your right hand) under the jute. Your left hand will feed the hook and keep tension as you pull yarn through with your right hand. See Figure 1.

Rug Hooking
Figure 1
STEP 2: Insert the hook into the jute and with a slight twist, retrieve the strand of yarn, which your left hand is holding.

See Figure 2.

Figure 2
Figure 2
STEP 3: Pull the yarn up through the jute trying not to split the yarn. You can start with any color, but it is best to start with one in the center leaving approximately a two inch tail in length.

See Figure 3.

Hand Hooking Rugs
Figure 3
STEP 4: Place the yarn around the hook, holding loop tightly with your fingers. Leave an inch of slack yarn between your jute canvas and the loop you are picking up. This helps to prevent pulling out your previous stitch. Draw the loop up through your canvas jute pulling up gently until your loop “stops”. You can feel the tension as it tightens against your previous stitch. This will produce a smooth stitch on the back of your work. Adjust loop height to leave a quarter inch loop on the surface of your work. Hook inside the line of an individual shape, leaving the printed lines as spaces between colors. See Figure 4.

Hand Hooking Rugs
Figure 4
STEP 5: Continue with this process until the color you are working on is completely filled in.

See Figure 5.

Hand Hooking Rugs
Figure 5
STEP 6: When the shape you are hooking is filled in with color, bring your last loop up approximately one inch higher than your regular pile. Clip the loop in the center leaving a tail. It’s best to leave the tails on your rug until you are totally done hooking that area. Then you can come back and clip them even with the surface. See Figure 6.

Hand Hooking Rugs
Figure 6

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