Behind the Design: The Gray Lady

Posted by Claire Murray on

As the mariners would approach the small island of Nantucket, it would often be shrouded in fog.  Only 7 miles wide by 14 miles long, it was once the whaling capital of the northern hemisphere.  The early sailors referred to it as "The Gray Lady."

In homage to those golden days of sailing, Claire designed this rug featuring the USS Constitution, aka "Old Ironsides" with its majestic sails unfurled and its homeward bound banner flying.  Built in 1797, the ship was retired from active service in 1881 and was designated a museum in 1907.  She returned to her home port in Boston port where you can take an onboard tour.

Claire's love of the traditions of Nantucket and New England are never more beautifully represented with this stunning rug, and she has also designed a smaller companion rug called "Sankaty Light" featuring the iconic lighthouse at the eastern most point of Nantucket island.

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