Behind the Design: Women and the Sea

In 2004, Claire began publishing her award-winning magazine, La Vie Claire.  Filled with stunning photographs of gardens, destinations, lifestyle ideas,stories and inspiration, the magazine, over the years, also celebrated the lives of women who made their living on or around the water.  For Claire, it was a labor of love ... of the sea.

In 2009, Claire gathered together many of those stores and compiled them into a book titled, Women and the Sea.  Again, as with all of Claire's visions, this book became an instant best-selling glimpse into the siren's call of these 16 women who answered that call by crafting careers around the lure of the sea.

"The sea was both the background and the foreground of my childhood, and it has become the constant muse to my creative life as an adult," said Claire. "Having been enchanted by the sea, I, like all of the women featured in the book, cannot escape the spell of its untamed breezes, briny scents, and ever-receding horizons."

As so appropriately written by 20th century Austrian author Hermann Broch, "Those who live by the sea can hardly form a single thought of which the sea would not be part."