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Behind the Design: A Thousand Flowers - The Millefleur Collection

It is a no-brainer that Claire has an intense love for flowers.  Specifically, those she can see and grow herself.  Her time living on Nantucket inspired rugs filled with hydrangeas, beach roses, hollyhocks and forget-me-nots.  But when you are filled with a desired to include as many flowers as you can in a unique collection, Claire took inspiration from the French word Millefleur, literally translated "thousand flowers."  A tapestry of small, delicate, brightly colored posies adorn this collection of hand-hooked rugs in several different sizes ranging from small 2 x 3's to large 9 x 12's. (Shown R850BK 3 x 4 in Black)

As far back as the 1500's, Millefleur tapestry styles were meant to evoke fields of flowers growing.  Some included heraldry or human figures. Claire's interpretations include her favorite small, delicate blossoms with birds.  Also look for the medieval tapestry influence in the Mountain Meadow collection, as well.